Earth Day; How we can Protect our Environment

What is Earth day and why we are celebrating it every year Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Every year we celebrate it to remind us we need to  Protect our Environment  from pollution and other harmful gases  We all want to protect our Earth environment , but we're mostly too busy or too lazy to put up big change that would improve our lifestyle and save the environment. We are all want to reduce the pollution and here is an image for which countries do the most protect  the Environment. This is a Environment Performance Chart from where we can easily assess which countries do the best and we need to make our country at the top for this in next few years. So we need to think about it how we can protect our earth it is our home and our world. Hope my friends will help me to get solution to make our earth save from all pollution. Thanks all

I got new computer

its 20-feb-2017 and its my second post today. actually i got new computer. Actually its not that type of computer like laptop or dextop it is mixture. you might be thing that its mixture of computer like CPU of other company LCD of other mouse of other and keybord of other,NO. Actually it is made of LED and laptop. you might be thinking again that if there is laptop why i used LED. the simple answer of this question is that the led of laptop falls if u dont give it support it cant stand by it self. so MR-IRFAD IMTIAZ yougest scurity resercher actually he is my brother you can check about him by clicking on link i given above. so he thought that we should connect the laptop with led. because we dont watch TV much so it will be used and if we want to watch TV we can connect cable and can watch TV. so he bought an HDMI cable and connected it with led and laptop. now it is like great screen for me. because the led is…

Today is Monday and Im at home.

Today is Monday and Im at home because today i was getting slow. actually i was lazy so driver haven't waited for me and just when i reached there it was about 7:50AM and the time driver has given me is 7:45AM i think i was not too late only 5 minutes but the driver was gone.
     Ok so let me tell you why was I late from school. actually i woke up at 7:10AM and direct gone to washroom and i came back at 7:14AM and my parrot was hungry i haven't brushed  till tat time than i gave my parrot some food and gone again to bathroom for brushing and i came out at allmost 7:20AM.  Now i have to get ready at 7:45AM and its alredy 7:20AM so i was only having 25minutes to get ready. than I changed my clothes and it was allready 7:35AM. so now i was having 10minutes for everything like shoes,hair,food etc, that was just impossible for me. so I done everything with speed but all in vain it was 7:45AM and as i told before its time to go to stop. But my food was remaining so I start eating fo…

who can be next chief of army staff after GEN Raheel sharif in 2017

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif holds a record who has appointed the most army chiefs of Pakistan.PM Nawaz Sharif earlier picks as COAS ( Army Chief ) wereGen Asif Nawaz Janjua (1991)Gen Waheed Kakar (1993)Gen Pervez Musharraf (1998)Gen Raheel Sharif (2013)
Options for Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for the COAS ( Army Chief ) in Seniority List areChief of General Staff Lt Gen Zubair HayatHeavy Industrial Complex Taxila Chairman Lt Gen Syed Wajid HussainDirector General Joint Staff Lt Gen Najibullah KhanMultan Corps Commander Lt Gen Ishfaq Nadeem AhmedBahawalpur Corps Commander Lt Gen Javed Iqbal RamdayInspector General Training and Evaluation Lt Gen Qamar Javed BajwaLt Gen Syed Wajid Hussain and Lt Gen Najibullah Khan are not technically qualified to be appointed army chief since they have not commanded a corps.Lt Gen Maqsood Ahmed, who is serving as military adviser with the United Nations, is already on an extension and not eligible for promotion either.All four g…

Spring Season full of Flowers and joys

Spring Season
Spring Season full of Flowers and joys for kids and teen age. Here I am showing you some Photos of Ammar imtiaz in Spring Season in his backyard . There are flowers and roses and his Marry go Round in his backyard. He is so much happy with flowers and he made some photos with flowers for this blog. Ammar Imtiaz is a boy of 13 year age and he like all kind of happiness. He love beauty of Nature. He trust every thing will be alright as per Allah desire. Here are some beautiful pictures from Ammar Imtiaz in Spring Season.

School Season for Kids in the age of teen years

School Season for Kids Every child need to go school in the age of 5 to 18 years. And this is is very important for learning everything . Kids want to do new thing in teen age. But their parent need to send their kids in school for their bright future. and the kids want to spend there this age in their game and with friends not in study.

The Youngest Microsoft Security Researcher From Pakistan

Youngest Microsoft Security Researcher Irfad Imtiaz is The Youngest Microsoft Security Researcher From Pakistan . Irfad Imtiaz is brother of Ammar Imtiaz . They are only two brothers . Irfad Imtiaz is a very talented boy from his early age . Now he is in 17 year age and Ammar is 12 years. Recently Irfad got a titled from Microsoft